DISC Assessment – What style are you?

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What is the DISC model?

This is a popular personality assessment system originating in the 1920’s by an American psychologist called William Moulton Marston. DISC measures behavior using four preferences of style.  Individuals are scored using a weighted ranking within each preference (thus resulting in a profile, usually with one or two preferred or stronger styles).

At Work:  Knowledge of an individual’s preferred DISC style is helpful for oneself and for others. Learn better ways to communicate, ways to work in teams, techniques for dealing with problem situations and individual conflicts.  Create highly efficient, well-functioning teams who have learned how to adapt to each others’ styles and take advantage of each others’ strengths.

At Home:  Understand your spouse or family members’ DISC style, thereby reducing aggravation due to conflicting style-based behaviors.  Improve your communication patterns and relationships in your personal life.

HOW DOES THE DISC ASSESSMENT WORK? Each individual within a team, department or group will be given online access to fill in a questionnaire.  There are no right or wrong answers;  just be yourself and answer each question based on your first instinct. Within 48 hours, you will receive a comprehensive written report for each individual, describing their profile and preferred behavioral style.

Find out how your style is perceived by others, and your preferred work environment.  Use the descriptions to enable others to understand your preferred style of communicating.  Discover tips and techniques to approach other people with style preferences different to yours.

Consider your whole department or group’s unique combination of styles and personalities – you can become more efficient or eliminate aggravating situations, raise your level of department functioning and better achieve objectives by capitalizing on improved ways to work with each other.

What are the DISC preferences?

Dominance – individuals prefer to focus on problem solving,controlling outcomes and achieving goals

Influence – individuals prefer to achieve results by utilizing people and relationships to influence outcomes

Steadiness – individuals prefer analytical work and routine activities.  They project calm and steady approaches to issues.

Compliance – individuals prefer working within known rules or boundaries, where expectations are clear.

Why use DISC? DISC measures behavior and underlying motivators.  Understand behavior styles at work (your co-workers, your boss, your subordinates, your team members) and in your personal life (your spouse, children,  friends).  Learn to adapt your style through understanding of others’ styles.  Gain a sense of how your own behavior is perceived, and how your interaction in groups can be more effective.

What does a report look like?  Click here to see a DISC Report Behaviors example.  You may also be interested in viewing a DISC Report Values example.  Orders can be placed for individual reports or combined reports.  Discounts are available on group orders.

                                                         Single                   Group
                                                        reports:                reports:
Behaviors only                        $150  ea                      $125 ea
Values only                               $150 ea                       $125 ea
Behaviors +Values                $250 ea                     $200 ea
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For other information and access to consulting services on DISC or teambuilding, http://www.bizcoachonline.ca

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