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Travel Tips – How To Stay Caught Up on the Road

Business travel – why does it take so long to “catch up” at the office when returning from a business trip? Try tips in these three areas to avoid buildup of workload:

1) Delegate Email:

Delegate emails to one or more subordinates or peers in your “away from office” wizard so  that routine issues can be resolved in your absence.  Studies show that up to 60% of  emails can be delegated and dealt with by staff at home while you are on the road.

Don’t be afraid to delegate.  Sometimes the biggest hurdle is giving up control to others, or taking the time to train others to handle your work.  Try delegating on shorter trips and in smaller amounts at first if you are wary of giving up too much too soon.

2) Clean your office/ in-basket before you travel:

If you can clear your in-basket before traveling, you will reduce the odds of being overloaded upon your return.

Where possible, schedule several hours in the week before leaving to clear up outstanding items and clutter in your office.

Delegate currently outstanding issues to peers or subordinates (before you leave) to ensure that work continues without interruption in your absence.  Think about it: what a great way to clean up your office!

Assign staff to review your in-basket while you are away, with instructions to pass through routine items to appropriate personnel for handling in your absence.

3) Bring work with you when traveling:

Sometimes road trips are the most productive  – it’s easier to complete projects without constant interruptions. Mix up the work  you bring; take easier reading as well as more complex items.  Then, when you need a break from intense work concentration, you will have a variety of items to choose from.

4) Schedule exercise while on the road:

If you can plan just 30 minutes daily at the hotel gym, or plan a brisk walk in your locale, you will keep your energy up and your mind fresh.  Find the time that works best for you – I prefer early morning or just before dinner because changes in meeting times can tend to override priorities later in the day.

5) Strategize to deal with jetlag:

Key tips to manage your body clock while traveling include avoiding alcohol on travel days, making sure your body stays hydrated, using melatonin to support sleep as needed, and taking short catnaps in early days in a new time zone.  If you are sleepless in Timbuktu, catch up on some of the work you brought with you until the melatonin kicks in.

Above all, use your common sense – plan ahead, delegate before and during your travels and maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road.  These are your tools to keep ahead of the business travel exhaustion vortex!