Who are we?  BC BizCoach Online Services provides consulting, coaching & leadership facilitation for small business and family enterprises.                                                         

Business-Planning-Docs-articles-1024x421Whether you are a new small business or a seasoned company, we offer a fresh viewpoint and a unique set of tools to help you meet the challenges of today’s volatile economy and competitive environment.

STRATEGIC PLANNING – Engage us to facilitate discussion and vision-building with your managers.  Complete a business case with clear business goals and a plan to execute deliverables.

PROCESS IMPROVEMENT:  Find ways to increase efficiencies and add bottom line savings.

MEANINGFUL INFORMATION:  Identify critical information and key measures to keep your business on track.

PERSONNEL ASSESSMENT: – Utilize our DISC assessments to better understand your style of interaction and communication in the workplace.  Map the styles of your employees and capitalize on each of their strengths to bring out the best in your business.

TEAMBUILDING: Develop bench strength  and expand the skills of your employees, to ensure adaptability to future business needs.    

SUCCESSION PLANNING:  Develop a plan to ensure the long term legacy of your business.

MENTORSHIP: – Follow our blog and apply the ideas and principles to your own life and your own leadership endeavours.

ADVISORY BOARD SERVICES: – Develop an advisory board of experts to help you oversee the long term direction of your business.  We specialize in board governance and have guiding principles and best practices that can be utilized by all types and sizes of business.

ONLINE COACHING: – Define your needs and engage us for weekly or monthly coaching sessions to keep you on track with your goals and objectives.

FOLLOW OUR BLOG:  Click on the topics and categories on the left hand side of this page to scroll ideas, hints, stories and videos related to leadership, management and mentorship.


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