Finding Twitterbalance – how much is too much?

Twelve months ago, I decided it was time to learn about SocialMedia.  Knowing nothing about blogging or Twitter, I just “jumped in” and set out to experience Social Media for myself.

The first few months were like language immersion – after setting up an initial blog with articles published at least weekly, I found myself spending three or four additional hours each evening (and even more time on weekends) combing Twitter streams and tweeting everything that interested me.  There was so much to think about, it was like drinking from a firehose!

The  good news?  I wrote lots of blogs (87 of them last year) and became fairly efficient at getting blogs from draft to completion.

The bad news?   I was using twitter constantly to drive traffic to my blog – this required hours of tweeting and became a prime focus of my downtime.

Learnings?  I tried a couple of “automated” tweeting services, landed on Hootsuite to pre-load tweets of my blog round the clock at reasonable intervals.  That process still had to be supplemented, however, with logging onto twitter and engaging with folks that I followed or who followed me in order to stay current on issues.

Biggest Lesson:  Somewhere along the way, my time commitments for work, family and the blog have come into conflict and there is only so much “me” to go around.

So I am going to hang up my keyboard for a few weeks and take time with family and other personal priorities.  

I have so enjoyed my new friends out in cyberspace (you know who you are!) — I will occasionally have a peek at the twitterverse to see how folks are doing, but I hope you’ll wish me well in my quest for TwitterBalance.

ciao for niao,