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Feel like you’re going backwards? Read this – 3 ways to launch forward!

Often in life and business, we face setbacks that feel like we are going backwards.  Here are 3 ways to break out of that negative thinking:

1)  Regroup – gather all of your energy inward and ignore the negative all around you.  Deep breaths…….  and more deep breaths………  sometimes moving into silence to contemplate helps rejuvenate your energy.

2)  Set your target date and goal – Focus only on what you want to accomplish.   Ignore the negative all around you.  Imagine all barriers and distractions fading away, disappearing into thin air.

3)  Give 100% of your effort and energy to your target, and only your target.  The most successful people have a single-minded attention to what they are wanting to accomplish.

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How the Happy Factor Improves Work Results

An entertaining account of how positive thinking is proven to increase work results:

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Boiled Frog Syndrome – Are you needing to change?

Once upon a time there was a frog who hopped into a pot of nice, cool, clear water.  He sat in that pot and decided “Life is okay here – no need to change.”   Behind the counter, however, a kitchen chef noticed that a frog had landed in his pot of water – “What a nice surprise, I could make frog soup for dinner!”   So the chef  turned up the heat on the burner ever so slowly.

That frog sat in the pot, not noticing the change in temperature.  After a while, little bubbles in the pot indicated that boiling was imminent.  Still that frog sat and contemplated life as the water became hotter and hotter.  Eventually, the water reached boiling point and the frog perished.

The chef scratched his chin and recalled the last time he tried to make frog soup – setting the water to boiling point first, he dropped a frog into the pot, but upon hitting the boiling water the frog jumped out of the pot and clear across the kitchen.

What lessons can we take from this story?  Are you living with unacceptable conditions, but they came into your life so slowly and in such subtle ways that you haven’t even noticed them?   Would you have walked away from these conditions if you had encountered them in their entirety at an earlier point in your life?

Work life – Have conditions in your workplace evolved over time and slowly become toxic to your health?  Do you dread getting up and going to work each morning?

A wise executive once told me:  if you get up more than three days in a row and dread work, you need to CHANGE SOMETHING.

– Maybe you need to change your attitude.

– Maybe you need to speak with a boss or coworker to correct a problem situation.

– Maybe the culture at your work will not change and you need to consider alternate employment options.

Personal life – have you remained in a relationship that is profoundly negative and draining your energy?  Consider what you can control in your situation and what is beyond your control.

Above all, think of the your life as a blank canvas:  you alone have the power to create the “picture” and determine the destiny of your future.

– Remember who you used to be before ending up in a symbolic pot of boiling water.

– Don’t be afraid to dream about the future and where  you can take your life.  You’ve only one life on this earth, life it to the fullest.

– Change is part of every process in life and death.  Work with the possibilities of change, and use them to enhance your life and your future!

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Tired of Upper Management? Try this for results!

This is a guest blog post from Achieved Strategies, by Shawn Murphy (used with permission)

How many times have you heard, “If upper management would get it’s act together, we could actually make some progress?”

I’m asking you, though, to stop saying it. Put up your pinky and pinky swear it. I’ll say it with you.  Really? Really. Why?

In these times where so much uncertainty whirls about weaving itself into decisions and water cooler conversations, paralysis has come over entire companies. Logic and informed decisions have been replaced with frantic actions and shaky decisions.

So, going back to that pinky swear, here’s what I’m asking of you:

Stop waiting for upper management. You have complete control over how you respond to the circumstances around you. You have influence over the environment. You can cause optimism.

You can mobilize people in your team by adding meaning to their work.
You can make time to connect with your people as people.
Keep or start having one-on-one sessions to help employees better apply their talents to their work.

You can lead from where you are and make a difference in the professional lives of those who report to you or work alongside you.

Show your crazy, beautiful leadership. We need it more than ever today. Tomorrow. Always.

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5 Ways to Re-energize and Refocus When You Feel Adrift

So the Fall routine has set in, leaves are turning yellow and drifting off the trees in my backyard, and I feel like I haven’t quite settled into an optimum routine….  somehow, I should have accomplished more, I should feel more “energy” in my day-to-day doings.  How do I get myself re-energized and refocused?

1)  Identify the gap(s) that cause the “adrift” feeling, where you are not focused or moving toward a goal.  

– which areas trigger the most angst and worry?  family, work, personal health, education/learning, spiritual, recreation, financial, future/retirement

– list three things that you can control for each gap areas.  For example, for your financial situation:

“I can meet with my banker or trusted financial person to review my debts and decide the best repayment strategy”

“I can stop using my credit cards.”   or “I can reduce my vacation to a “staycation” this year.

“I can save $___ per pay cheque towards a family emergency fund/holiday/Johnny’s braces

2)  Prioritize the actions you can take into daily, weekly, monthly

3)  Create positive reminders of the daily actions – use a “to do” list from a journal or off the internet.  Place a sticky note or small reminder card noting the top one or two actions in your bathroom mirror or on your refrigerator

4)  Create “automatic tasks” or “accountability meetings” to monitor your weekly or monthly action items.  For example, set up pre-authorized payments if you have trouble remembering to pay your bills.  Make a commitment to have a special coffee/tea/hot chocolate date every Thursday with a family member as a ritual for touching base regularly. Find a workout buddy that will hold you accountable to show up for walks or the gym.

5)  Set reminders in your calendar (electronic calendars work great!) to review the weekly and monthly actions

6)  Give yourself a small reward if you manage to meet your goals for a few days/weeks (this doesn’t mean go on  a shopping binge if you are trying to swear off credit cards!).  Find a friend or family member that you can keep updated on your progress.

Enjoy your successes, and remind yourself that each small success contributes toward accumulated larger success in the long run.

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