Invest in Customer Service – it’s just like a bank account

CUSTOMER SERVICE – everyone uses the buzzword these days.  So WHY is servicing the customer such a big deal?

Think of your customer relationship as a bank account.

Everything you do for the customer will impact your business, either positively (like a “deposit”) or negatively (like a “withdrawal”)

a)  How do you INVEST in your customer?

– get to know their likes and dislikes

– anticipate their needs ahead of time

– follow up on queries or complaints

– go the extra mile to exceed their expectations

b) What are the benefits of investing? 

– Increased revenue opportunities

– Increased competitive edge

– Stellar reputation

“I’ll buy more accessories or added services”

“I’ll buy from you again next time I need something!”

“I’ll recommend you to my friends and associates”

“I’ll ask you to provide other, new services if I trust you”

                                        $   $   $   $   $   $   $   $

c) What are the negatives, or WITHDRAWALS on customer goodwill?

– Be sloppy, late, and deliver low quality in your product/service

– Ignore the customer’s complaints

– Don’t provide warranty or “fix” your mistakes

c) What is the negative impact to you?

– Corporate revenues will decline

– Your reputation will be tarnished

– your competitive edge will erode

“I’ll tell everyone about the bad service I received”

“I’ll never come back again”

Remember that every negative event can have up to nine times the impact as a positive event — investing constantly in customer service is essential to maintain your business.

Pay constant attention:  you can go from “hero” to “zero” by one bad episode that sticks in a customer’s memory. 

Bottom Line:  Invest in great moments for your customer, and watch your business take off!

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