5 Key Ingredients for Success — in Sports and Business

The following tips come from a sports coach at Shelby High School in Montana, Ray Wanty.  Ray distilled his learning and coaching of successful athletes into 5 key elements.  I think these 5 key elements apply equally to business, and even to overall personal success.  Consider them and see if you agree:

The Level of  Our Success is Dependent on…

1. The Daily Habits We Create
     – am I creating good habits? 
     – am I getting rid of bad habits?
     – do I add new habits regularly that keep me growing and developing?
     … my daily habits become the core expression of who I am

2. Our Most Dominant Thoughts
     – my thoughts drive my feelings, which drive my behavior
     – positive thoughts will keep me upbeat
     – I need to control and focus the “channels” in my brain
     … my thoughts eventually become my beliefs and my behavior and my destiny

3. How Well We Serve Others
     – my interaction with others builds my own network and support system
     – my service to others builds my esteem and credibility
     … my behavior in my community establishes my reputation and esteem

4. The Amount of Sincere Gratitude You Show
     – my sincerity and gratitude provide opportunity for leadership
     – my sincerity and gratitude allow me to fully enjoy my successes
     … my sincerity and gratitude will build and strengthen my relationships

5. The Level of Commitment Towards Your Passion (Singleness of Purpose)
     – Commitment to my passion helps me remain focused on the end goal
     – Commitment to my passion heps me fend of distractions
     – Commitment to my passion increases my speed of success
     … Commitment and Singleness of Purpose is the ingredient that links my thoughts, behaviors, support systems and relationships together to attain success


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